5 Tips for Desert Gardening in the Spring


The beautiful spring weather is only one of the many reasons people love living in Scottsdale. With the growing season rapidly approaching, now is the time to prepare for your best garden yet. Whether your garden is purely decorative, or you enjoy growing your own organic foods, the following tips will help you prepare now for a bountiful result!

1. Plan Ahead
New Homes ScottsdaleThink about what went well in your garden last season, and where you would like to see improvement. Set goals and make a list of the types of plants you wish to grow. If you prefer to outsource your landscaping and garden work, call now to set an appointment with your gardener to avoid a rush, plus allow adequate time for your professional to create designs you will adore. Review the existing plants in your yard to see if any are heaved out of the soil or very clearly destroyed. Be aware that some plants may still be slumbering so avoid impulsively tearing out plants that appear dead. Make a note of areas that need more greenery or plant varieties you would love to have. Take inventory of your garden tools and replace or fix any that are in disrepair.

2. Inspect Irrigation
With temps firmly into the freezing range many times this chilly winter, your irrigation system may now be cracked or damaged. Have your system carefully checked before turning it on for unattended watering, or you may return home to an expensive mess. Don’t forget fountains, ponds, and any water features as well as your underground piping. Though plumbing components are relatively sturdy, a hard freeze can make them brittle and delicate.

3. Clear Away Debris
Once the yard has dried out from the abundant winter precipitation familiar to those living in Scottsdale, begin raking away dead leaves and removing plants that have been ousted from their soil. Check pottery and dispose of any pots that are broken or cracked. Do the same for any yard ornaments that did not survive the winter, and plan to frequent garden and home goods stores around where you are living in Scottsdale to purchase replacements.

4. Prepare Soil
Before spring planting begins, it is critical that your soil is in the best condition possible. To begin, you may wish to have your soil professionally analyzed. This scientific procedure will identify what nutrients your soil is lacking so that you can apply the appropriate mineral and nutrient combinations. Many professional landscaping companies will provide this type of service as part of their product catalog if you prefer to be less hands-on for this task.

5. Plant Seeds (Indoors)
 With the potential for night frost still a real likelihood for those living in Scottsdale, refrain from planting directly in the ground during early spring. To give your plants a hardy youth, start them as seeds or sprouts in an warmer indoor environment with ample access to sunlight. Placing your sprouts on a rolling shelf will allow you to wheel them outside during warm days and back indoors as temperatures cool. When the danger of frost has passed, the plants will be strong, healthy, and ready to take their nourishment from the ground. Plants that have been given such a strong start are much more likely to survive and thrive in your beautiful garden.

As the grass awakens and the trees unfurl their leaves, the most exciting season of the year is set to begin. Preparing now will give you a head start on a garden that will be the envy of friends and neighbors everywhere!