A Few Thoughts on Home Design from the Horse Whisper

Luxury New Homes

Buck spent a lot of time on the ground going over basics.

Recently every house that we currently are designing is for clients who own horses.  After all, this is the Wild West so it shouldn’t be a surprise.  One of those clients invited us to attend a Buck Brannaman clinic with her.  He is reputed to be the original “horse whisperer”.  What a wonderful day it turned out to be.  He spent the morning working on horsemanship and the afternoon working with horses and cows.

Are you wondering why I’m writing about this?  Barry Smith of Casas del Oso Luxury Homes has been called the “house whisperer” by Phoenix Homes & Gardens Magazine.  As we listened to Buck teach, many of his points are also true for good design in homes.  Here are a few:

Buck said you have to tell the horse what to do; as elementary as this sounds we must do the same thing when we are designing new home.  It’s imperative to achieving the desired outcome to clearly articulate it in the construction documents.  Along that same vein of thought we design from the desired outcome not only of the “look” of the project; but also the budget.  This is how we are successful.

Buck gives the horse credit for doing the right thing.  We encourage our team of support companies and creative talent by acknowledging their contributions. We all hear about things that go wrong or aren’t right, it is so important to be recognized for the many things that they do right.

Luxury Custom Homes

All of the horses were beginners at working with cows. The cows out smarted everytime.

Riding a horse is like a dance; so to is designing and building a house.  We will have many partners in that dance over the months.  During that dance different parties will assume the lead at different times.

Buck teaches that if you are kind and nurture the horse; the horse wants to respond correctly.  Custom homes are similar if we nurture the design and the relationships with all parties involved in the design and construction; the end result is a home that everyone involved is proud of and the client loves.