American Muscle Cars & Spanish Colonial Homes

This weekend is the Barrett Jackson Auction here in Scottsdale.  For “car guys” it is a week of American Muscle Cars.  This is the story of our muscle car.

1967 Plymouth Barracuda

1967 Plymouth Barracuda

Originally conceived to be a simple restoration project of a much neglected 1967 Plymouth Barracuda; it turned into an 8 year expensive adventure.  When Casas del Oso Luxury Homes co-founder & designer, Barry Smith saw this car sitting forlornly in a field in Montana with a small goat standing on the hood.  He thought it would be a fun project to ship it back to Arizona and rebuild it.  First lesson learned everything is more complicated, more expensive and takes longer than you originally estimate.  Does this sound familiar?  When restoring an older home this lesson holds true; at least you should proceed with this in mind and if it turns out to be easy – that’s icing on the cake.

This car had been sitting in that field for over 10 years; the convertible top had rotted off years ago and it was in very bad shape.  Barry found a car hauler to bring the car, another vintage Plymouth in bad shape to be used for parts, and a spare engine to Arizona.  The result was it cost more to ship them then they worth at the time.

Thus began the adventure.  The first order of the day was deciding what the end result would be.  That was easy.  This would be the car he didn’t have in high school; a very nice looking boulevard cruiser with some significant horsepower.  One more thing a car that started every time.

Never having done this before he talked to lots of “pro’s”  They told him to identify & bag each part as it came off the car and take lots of photos of the disassembly.  That was the order of the day.  The disassembly took a year or more.  It yielded the “Build Sheet” which is a record of the car (where & when it was built); amazingly it was still under the seat where it was placed when it came off the line 46 years ago.  It was built in the Hamtramck Plant in Michigan in August of 1967.

After it was completely disassembled it was stripped down to bare metal.  It then went to the body shop for paint.  Finally the reassembly started.  That took several years.  He used original parts when possible but they had to look new – a challenge.  EBay proved to be a good resource.  He had cradle built for the body so he could easily move the body around since there were no wheels or steering.  Finally it was ready for the engine.

Barry purchased a 69 Plymouth motor and had a friend in California rebuild it and Dyno-Tune it.  After 8 years and lots of effort he got his boulevard cruiser with 468 of horse power.  It turns heads everywhere it goes and consistently wins first place every car show.  You won’t see it on the auction block at Barrett Jackson.

Scottsdale Custom Homes

The car as he first saw it on the ranch.

North Scottsdale Muscle Cars

It is the second car on top.  The first car was used for parts.

New Homes North Scottsdale

Arriving at the body shop; stripped down to bare metal.

Luxury Homes Arizona

It was at the body shop for a year.  What difference paint makes!

American Muscle Cars

Can you believe the engine goes in from the bottom?

Custom Homes

At a car show in las Vegas