Arizona Night Blooming Flowers

Scottsdale Custom HomesCustom home builders in Arizona are responsible for some of the most beautiful landscaping you will find, all within residential areas. When making landscaping choices for your new home, choosing the right types of plants can help you enjoy your garden around the clock. Since Arizonans typically remain indoors in the summer until evening, a great way to enjoy warm Arizona nights to the fullest is to plant fragrant and luminous night blooming flowers.

Here are some varieties that may be of interest in your moon garden: 

  1. Night blooming cereus cactus, or “Arizona Queen of the Night,” blooms just once a year. This plant blends in to its desert environment very well, resembling dead sticks until the bloom cycle begins. The buds grow for about a month before blooming into a beautiful, fragrant white flower approximately 4-5″ in width. The flowers are short-lived, appearing for only about 3 hours then disappearing.
  2. Evening primrose is a delicate looking lobe-petaled plant with a light fragrance. Most evening primrose plants are white, but multiple variations of this plant exist and can be yellow, pink or orange. Flowers are 2-4″ wide and the plants are very drought resistant.
  3. Night Blooming Jasmine is one of the most fragrant of the nocturnal plants. The sweet smell, reminiscent of bubblegum, wafts for incredibly long distances from the petite pale green blooms. This flower’s scent is one of the most widely copied by fragrance manufacturers.
  4. Sacred Datura, or jimsonweed, is a large plant with trumpet shaped flowers up to 5″ across and 7″ long. It is able to grow in many elevations, making it adaptable to numerous areas of Arizona. Though it is a beautiful and fragrant, custom home builders in Arizona typically use caution in planting it since ingestion of any part of the plant can be toxic, especially to children and pets.
  5. Colorado Four O’Clocks can grow almost anywhere in desert climate and are often seen at the side of the road, needing little tending. They produce a gorgeous cluster of magenta bell-shaped flowers that attract hummingbirds and pollinating insects alike. The plant can spread out significantly even in poor soil as long as it is well drained.
  6. Flowering Tobacco plants have a bright, 5-lobe bloom typically in a light color such as white or light purple. These plants can grow up to three feet high and roughly a foot wide. Hybrids of this plant are readily available but do not provide a quality of fragrance comparable to traditional varieties.

Custom home builders in Arizona offer flexible landscaping options. Be sure to ask about incorporating some of these amazing night bloomers into your landscape design so you can enjoy your garden day and night.