Arizona Ranch Haciendas

Hacienda’s were born in Mexico several centuries ago and have evolved over the years.  Arizona has borrowed and adapted them to meet our ranching & farming needs.  The Ranch Hacienda architecture is reflective of the ranch & farming heritage from rural Arizona and Mexico.  It is still popular in communities with larger lots.

Usually a compound of several buildings with a central courtyard or courtyards creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere through the simplicity of the buildings and details of the covered patios surrounding the courtyard.  Originally the buildings in addition to the Great House might have been barns, granaries, kitchen, workers quarters, company store and a chapel; everything you needed for rural life.  Many early haciendas were designed to protect their occupants from banditos and “bad guys” with thick walls & battlements.  Often in the early days they were built from materials that were easily obtained.  The Ranch Hacienda is distinguished by the use of two building materials; plaster and stone which produce a rustic ranch atmosphere.  The buildings are low profile simple rectangular shapes with rugged timbers, simple gable roofs traditionally set with clay tiles and exposed rafter tails.  You won’t see round turrets on a hacienda.

Casas del Oso integrates many of these elements into the Haciendas we design & build today.  Instead of barns and chapels we routinely build casitas for guest or parties, and motor courts for muscle car collections.  Often there are three or more buildings included in our Hacienda’s with multiple courtyards.

The club house at DC Ranch is based upon Ranch Hacienda Design.

The interior courtyard of the Hacienda Club House at D C Ranch

Hacienda Rosetta Marie built in 1999 in Tucson.

The very authentic dining room of Hacienda Rosetta Marie