Be a Better Recycler

What Small changes can you make to live a greener life?

You can help the environment by living a greener lifestyle in one of Casa del Oso’s luxury homes. Recycling has finally gone mainstream now that everyone has seen how the benefits outweigh the minimal effort it takes. Recycling increases US manufacturing and competitiveness in many markets. It saves energy, prevents pollution, and reduces space needed for landfills. It promotes biodiversity on our planet by conserving ecosystems like rain forests, wetlands, and old growth forests.

Simply follow these simple tips for living a greener lifestyle:

Familiarize yourself with the guidelines of the recycling program available to you in our luxury home communities. Contact your local center and make sure you understand the minutiae of your various recyclables. Ask exactly what plastics numbers and types of paper they accept. Make sure you know whether or not they take shredded office paper or not, (many facilities don’t as the smaller shreds can clog up equipment).

ECycle, that is: recycle your old computers and electronics. Your old gadgets likely won’t be picked up with your community-recycling program, but it’s easy enough to find facilities that will take them. Many electronic stores, for instance, will accept them when you upgrade. Or, you can donate them. Always remember to clear out any of your personal data first! The EPA offers a resource for finding eCycling drop off sites.

Don’t give up on other odd items, such as CD and DVD cases, foil wrappers, and kitchen utensils (including pots and pans). Many of these can be recycled too! Wine corks, for instances can be saved and dropped off at many upscale grocery markets across the country. Almost any item can be recycled these days and facilities that take them can be found easily. Simply Google whatever it is you wish to dispose of along with “recycling”.

By properly disposing of your recycles, you can be a better recycler by aiding in the process at the other end. For instance, cutting the plastic rings off and discarding the lids of any plastic bottles, rinsing all recyclables, and omitting cartons that have food stuck to them (pizza boxes are notorious for this). This makes it easier for those at the recycling plant to sort and work efficiently.

Plastic grocery bags cannot be recycled curbside and are among the biggest culprit of gumming up the works at sorting plants. The best solution is to not use them at all; invest in reusable shopping bags instead. If you do use them, bear in mind that most grocery stores today have a bin in store for their disposal on your return trip.

Lastly, buy products made from recycled materials whenever possible. Investing in goods made from recycled resources encourages manufactures to continue making them and completes the recycling loop. Enjoy life in one of our luxury homes knowing you’re helping the environment!