Casita is a Spanish word for little house; it is almost an affectionate term.  In our Scottsdale market it has come to mean guest house.  Every home Casas del Oso Luxury Homes has built for the last 15 years has a casita.  Some are attached to the main house and many are free standing buildings incorporated into the overall architectural design.  Additionally in many areas that have large lots and older homes; we are renovating those homes and adding casitas.  Casitas have come to be expected in theScottsdalemarket; not having one can be a black mark.

The obvious usage is as a guest house for visitors; however ours have satisfied a wider range.  We have built them for aging family members, returning grown children, home offices, art studio and more.

Our casitas usually contain a sitting area, bedroom, bath and bar area with a microwave & small refrigerator.  This is the general concept in our market.  We have designed and built larger casitas with 2 bedrooms, full kitchens & garages.  The uses for casitas are broad; obviously as guest quarters.  Often they are used as offices, party areas off the pool and art studios, if you can dream it we can build it.

Custom Homes

This is one of my favorite casitas.  Obviously based upon an old stable design and purposely aged & rustic; the main house is a Mexican Hacienda.  This casita is being used as a guest house & art studio.  The barn doors slide back to reveal French doors in the sitting area that the homeowner uses for art.  The little room on the opposite end of the building is the garden shed for potting plants.

Scottsdale Custom Casitas

This casita is attached to the main house; a rustic Mediterranean farm house.  The larger arch top door is actually a gate to the main courtyard.  The entrance to the casita is the smaller door opposite it.  The window is actually in the kitchen area of the casita.  There is a bedroom, sitting area & bathroom contained in this casita. The kitchen area also has another door that opens into the main courtyard.  This is perfect for out of town guests or a home office.

Phoenix Custom Homes

This may be the largest casita that Casas del Oso has designed and built.  Originally was used as a mother in law residence.  It has two bedrooms, full kitchen, generous great room with a fireplace and 2 car garage.

Custom Casita

This casita is intended to be the party house.  It has the obligatory bedroom, bath, bar and sitting area.  The sitting area French doors open to the pool and it has a full kitchen