Gardening in the Fall, from Flowers to Fruits and More

Across Scottsdale, luxury homes are often presented from the backdrop of beautiful lawns and gardens. The state’s warmth and abundant sunshine make planting and growing easier, Arizona’s Garden Guy notes that fall is a prime time for … [Read more...]

Protect your Home Against Dust Storms and Monsoon Season

When a massive dust storm overtook Phoenix this past July, it brought into sharp focus the need to stay prepared for any severe weather event. Near-zero visibility and 50 mph winds made driving and walking dangerous. Home is definitely the safest … [Read more...]

Edible Garden Tour

Phoenix like most cities has a growing group of people who are growing and promoting urban gardening.  People are becoming more interested in earth friendly building and sustainable living.  This seems to be a new way of life not a fad and will … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Garden during Summer Months

Desert summers are brutal and scorching, killing tender plants and baking the earth into a hard shell. The heat and relentless sunshine make maintaining a garden during summer an extremely challenging task, if not one that is impossible. With some … [Read more...]

Desert Botanical Gardens, Events In May

May is one of the most beautiful months in the desert. Cactus are in bloom, creatures are out in full force, and the weather is gorgeous. If you are looking for things to do in Arizona this spring, you'll find a plethora of things to see and do at … [Read more...]

Garden Tours

It’s Garden Tour season; last weekend Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine held their annual Grand Tour of Gardens.  The weather was perfect and the gardens were enchanting.  Here are three of them. This hacienda was built in 1915 by William J. … [Read more...]

Homeowners Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Earth Day is April 22nd and is an excellent reminder of the limited resources that this beautiful planet has to offer. Owners of luxury homes everywhere have a unique opportunity to defray their impact on the planet with a few easy strategies. 1. … [Read more...]

4 Farmers Markets Worth a Visit

Food in Arizona is like no other place. The warm weather means that produce is fresh almost year round, and Farmers' Markets are in nearly every community. Locally grown and recently harvested, these foods put your recipes on a whole different … [Read more...]

Is Beauty in our DNA?

Driving in to the office today I noticed that the Paloverde Trees are just beginning to bloom.  I think it’s going to be a breath taking spring which got me to thinking about beauty, its importance and wondering why we love beautiful things. For … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Desert Gardening in the Spring

  The beautiful spring weather is only one of the many reasons people love living in Scottsdale. With the growing season rapidly approaching, now is the time to prepare for your best garden yet. Whether your garden is purely decorative, or … [Read more...]