Cooking Classes near Scottsdale

Cooking is not just a task for many people, but a lifelong passion that they pursue with gusto. For owners of new luxury homes in Scottsdale, you've got access to a wealth of wonderful lessons in the culinary arts, whether you are a beginner who … [Read more...]

The Watermark Awards

The Watermark Awards for excellence in Kitchen Design happened last month.  Sponsored by Builder and Custom Home Magazines they are continuously raising the bar in Kitchen Design.  Here are a few of my favorites.  You can see more at … [Read more...]

Eight Hottest Trends in New Homes for 2013

The International Builders Show in Las Vegas never disappoints with over 900 exhibits attended by 60,000 builders. Here are the trends as presented and a couple of my thoughts on them. 1.  Scaling it down.  Clients are asking for smaller homes … [Read more...]

Interpreting Kitchen Trends

The challenge with new kitchen trends for custom builders in the southwest is that the trends aren’t something new for us or they are not applicable for our clients & architecture.  The Top 8 Kitchen Trends from the International Builder’s Show … [Read more...]

The Best Brands of Luxury Appliances

Over the years Casas del Oso has built some astonishing kitchens; with kitchen packages that cost more than my first house.  We are asked all the time which brands we recommend; here are a few.  All of the high end brands we use are state of the art … [Read more...]

Kitchen Vent Hoods

Restaurant type ranges are still very popular almost every kitchen that we at Casas del Oso Luxury Homes design and build has one.  These ranges are professional ranges and require venting that is superior to the vents we used a few years ago.  We … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design Trends

Is stainless steel finally over?  Apparently not yet despite the appliance manufacturers hoping to introduce new trends; so far they haven’t taken.  Stainless steel appliances have been in use since the 1980’s; they have had a long ride.  … [Read more...]

Appliance Trends

In 2012 the trends in kitchen appliances like electronics are technology related. As we keep moving forward our appliances are going to resemble smart phones at least the controls will.  Touch Screens just like your smart phone.  Tap the screen to … [Read more...]

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens are a trend that is here to stay.  In the southwest especially Scottsdale they are a “must” in luxury homes.  We can enjoy and entertain outdoors easily 9 months out of the year and with some planning and foresight that can be … [Read more...]