Where to eat in Scottsdale

Spring is just around the corner meaning it’s that time of year to catch up with old friends and come out of hibernation. Arizona offers a plethora of wonderful restaurants to suit many different palates and Scottsdale is quickly making a name for … [Read more...]

Auto Shows Coming to Scottsdale

Many Arizona auto-enthusiasts and collectors alike are especially excited for this time of year, when the automotive industry in Scottsdale is gearing up for the arrival of custom car shows and events - all leading up to the Barrett-Jackson Auto Show … [Read more...]

Best Sushi Restaurants in Scottsdale

Living in Scottsdale, with its desert beauty and native cultural inspiration, doesn't always call to mind a sushi restaurant. But the city serves up some of the best sushi in the state at beautiful restaurants ideal for entertaining friends, family, … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Living in Arizona during Winter

Making a move to Arizona can deliver advantages that last all year long – especially all winter long. Newcomers and old-timers alike enjoy the five great winter benefits the Grand Canyon State has to offer. Warmth! Is there any question why … [Read more...]

Upcoming Shows at Scottsdale Center of the Performing Arts

There’s never a shortage of things to do in Arizona, especially if you’re a fan of arts and entertainment. The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts has a full menu of events that delivers plenty of fun now through the end of the year. These … [Read more...]

Choosing a Community for your Custom Home

The Scottsdale, AZ area is alive with opportunity to design the home of your dreams. High end home builders who are well versed in Scottsdale’s environment can serve as premier partners in helping you meet your goal – whether that means a vacation … [Read more...]

Gardening in the Fall, from Flowers to Fruits and More

Across Scottsdale, luxury homes are often presented from the backdrop of beautiful lawns and gardens. The state’s warmth and abundant sunshine make planting and growing easier, Arizona’s Garden Guy notes that fall is a prime time for … [Read more...]

Protect your Home Against Dust Storms and Monsoon Season

When a massive dust storm overtook Phoenix this past July, it brought into sharp focus the need to stay prepared for any severe weather event. Near-zero visibility and 50 mph winds made driving and walking dangerous. Home is definitely the safest … [Read more...]

Cooking Classes near Scottsdale

Cooking is not just a task for many people, but a lifelong passion that they pursue with gusto. For owners of new luxury homes in Scottsdale, you've got access to a wealth of wonderful lessons in the culinary arts, whether you are a beginner who … [Read more...]

The Company You Keep

Every home that we design and build is a collaboration of talented companies.  We select our trade contractors and venders based upon many things; at the top of that list is company culture and values that are similar to ours.  Every home is unique … [Read more...]