In the morning hours of Labor Day weekend we watched our only son, a US Marine board a bus to Edwards Air Force Base, final destination Afghanistan.  As we waited while they loaded their gear we were surrounded by families sending them off.  Some of these young men will become fathers for the first time while they are deployed.  The crowd is quiet but there are no tears, they will come later after the buses leave.   These young men & women are focused and confident.  They have trained well and they know it.  The mission is understood, the objectives are understood and they are 100% committed.

What does all this have to do with custom home designing & building?  In the days we spent together before his departure I was reminded of the Marine Corps. Leadership & Core Values some of which we have borrowed for our company:  Semper Fidelis- Always Faithful, Adapt, Improvise & Overcome.  We are faithful to the architectural style of our projects, to our clients and to our trade partners.  Every project has challenges that require us to adapt, improvise and overcome.  When these are done well everyone flourishes; when they ignored or done poorly everyone suffers.  It is our commitment to our company and our clients to do them well.

Everyone at Camp Pendleton on this September morning is focused seven months into the future when they will return.  That will be a different crowd; excited, jubilant, tearful, grateful & rowdy.  For now we are just committed; all of us 100%.