Design Details: Wrought Iron

The wrought iron traditions in Arizona and the Southwest trace their roots to the earliest blacksmiths who traveled from Mexico with early settlers.  The earliest homes were similar to the homes of Mexico and Spain; simple and understated.  Wrought iron is “worked on” by hammering while it is hot at an anvil.  Cast iron on the other hand is cast into molds and is not worked on beyond pouring.  Wrought iron was an important decorative element to those early homes.  It truly came into it’s own in the 1920’s in California and Florida.  It continues to flourish today.

At Casas del Oso Luxury Homes we often work with Spanish Revival & Mexican Colonial architecture and use wrought iron for decoration and for impact.  The opportunities to use it are only limited by ones imagination.

We commonly use “Rejas” which are decorative grilles that cover window exteriors.  Our iron is either custom fabricated or “found” when we can we locate antique pieces that fit. Of course we do simple to ornate gates, balconies, stair railings, pool fencing, lighting and iron crosses.  Most of them are based upon historic designs and occasionally flights of fancy.  We often have “found antique” pieces in the warehouse waiting for us to build a home around them.


Spectacular iron hand rail in Culver Home designed by Wallace Neff in the 1920’s sadly demolished in the 1950’s.


Custom lighting in a Casas del Oso home.


Custom iron flower baskets & lighting


“Found” rejas (window grille) waiting for a home.


Dramatic foyer with iron hand railing & lighting.