Design Notes: Master Closets

Historically the traditional closet was a vertical box set into a wall with one rod and a door that looked like the door that you entered the bedroom through.  If your home is truly vintage that vertical closet box was exceedingly small.   Our needs & expectations have changed!  The spaces got bigger and the development of closet design made it possible for everyone to be organized and have your closet as luxurious as you like.

A closet for both “her” & “him” by California Closets

A Casas del Oso Luxury Home will have a master bedroom closet or closets; usually two that are designed specifically for our homeowners by a closet design professional.  One of the goals of our design process is to create a closet that reflects each client’s lifestyle and that they enjoy using and dressing in.  The client’s needs & preferences come first.  Some of the questions & considerations are; is this a primary or secondary home? What is their lifestyle (formal events, golf weekends, or both)?  What specific needs does each person have; does he collect cowboy boots and need taller shoe storage?  Today her handbags may require larger spaces is that an issue?  Most closets have built in dressers with drawer sizes determined by the client’s needs with a large assortment of drawer inserts designed to hold jewelry, lingerie, socks, etc.   Generally her closet is lighter & more feminine (larger too); his is darker woods & finishes.

A more masculine closet for him

Several years ago we conducted a focus group on the ultimate boudoir (bath & closets) for our lady clients.  As a result we frequently include the results of that group; a large safe in her closet, 3 way mirrors, multiple electrical outlets, secret rooms behind mirrors, great lighting on dimmers, bulletin boards, cell phone recharging area and a “purse transfer station” – for changing handbags when you are going out in the evening.

A very feminine closet for her by Classy Closets

A professionally designed closet does more than store clothing; it showcases it.