Designing Your Custom Dream Home

Have you ever walked into a home and it just felt good?  There were no awkward spaces and things just seemed to flow.  It almost embraces you.  Then there is the opposite home where the room relationships are jarring or more often just plain blah.

When your designing your dream home how can you assure yourself that your home will be one you love being in?  How can you envision the flow and relationships of the rooms in your home?  Here are a few of my ideas:

First surround yourself with passionate professionals like the ones at Casas del Oso Luxury Homes who are intent on designing a home that you will love and will continue to delight you over the years.  People who will not rush you or the process.

Consider separating public areas from private areas.  It’s enchanting to follow a corridor around the corner to your master bedroom.  It also is an indicator to guests they are in a private area.  It can create a sense of mystery.

Create a kitchen for gathering.  It is after all the heart of most homes.  Today’s kitchens are fabulous.  They offer the chance to be with your family and friends while cooking.  Kitchens are usually the place your guests will gravitate to – make it wonderful.

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Outdoor kitchen with BBQ, bar area with seating just off the dining room and kitchen. Fire pit with seating overlooks the golf course and has unobstructed views of western sunsets.


Create outdoor living areas for your most important rooms.  Our climate allows us to use outdoor spaces for most of the year.  They subtly increase your perception of the size of the rooms that have them.  Patios and courtyards add charm and function.

Make sure the kitchens is close to the garages.  It the way most people enter their homes and no one wants to traipse through a long hall to get to the kitchen and please don’t enter your home through the laundry room.

Obviously these aren’t the only rules for a wonderful floor plan however they are some of the concepts residential designers use.  Need some help with your home; we can help.