Don’t Miss the Arizona Fine Art Expo

One of the most superb aspects of Arizona living is being surrounded by magnificent art and culture, without the exposure to the chaos of a heavily metropolitan setting. For your enjoyment, the Arizona Fine Art Expo, will be presenting its 9th annual season and promises something special for owners of luxury homes in Arizona.

First debuting in 2005, the Arizona Fine Art Expo was inspired by Thunderbird Artists leader Judi Combs and her family. The event was destined to grow steadily, now host to over one hundred artists. The intention of the Expo is to focus on the entirety of the art experience, from a gallery atmosphere to the mechanics of a studio and beyond.

A juried art exhibit at the Arizona Fine Art Expo allows the general public to appreciate the myriad of talents that such artists bring to the world.  One of the requirements for artists to participate in this magnificent presentation of works is that the majority of the pieces displayed must be original, and the remainder cannot be reproduced in mass quantity. For luxury homes in Arizona, this provides access to pieces that will make a unique statement in your beautiful home.

Artist Overviews
Though you will find many incredibly talented artists at this expo, here are a few worth mentioning.

Scott Wallis
Wallis earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Utah State University and has focused his talents on creating impressionistic oil paintings. Lovely scenic images feature vibrant colors and soft textures, with a European feel.

Charles Huckeba
A Fine Arts graduate of the University of California- Santa Barbara, Charles spent many years capturing the mystery of petroglyphs in the Western U.S. He developed a method for reproducing the textures and pulse of a culture long lost, creating a rich relationship between prehistoric and contemporary art.

Greg Kinne
Kinne’s career in the art community has been rich and varied, his musical beginnings ultimately leading to his expressive pieces created from a concrete & acid staining method as well as others illustrating the textural play that results from combining natural media. His pieces are inspired by landscapes, the primitive desert, and his overall love for art.

Marlan Masteller
Master of detail work, Masteller uses a rapidograph pen to create intricate works. He often spends hundreds of hours on a piece resulting in compositions so finely drawn that they mimic a photograph. The depth of his characters is such that you can sense their introspection, and quite nearly have a conversation with them.

John Soderberg
An award winning master in the art of bronze work, John began his immersion into the arts at the tender age of five, painting in oils. At ten he studied teakwood carving in Thailand under the mentorship of a Buddhist monk. John’s travels in his youth are inspirations for the subjects of work today. His experience working with tool and die and precious metals led him into commissions for individuals, organizations, and even celebrities. The large scale bronze sculptures he creates poignantly expresses the complexity of human emotion, evoking a myriad of feelings in those looking upon his work.

Many gifted artists will be accessible at this amazing function. The Arizona Fine Art Expo is open from January 10 to March 24, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. Season passes are just $10, or $8 for seniors and military. Children under 12 enter at no charge and parking is free. The Expo is located on the southwest corner of Jomax & Scottsdale Roads. Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich the splendor of your luxury homes in Arizona with exceptional works of art.