Edible Garden Tour

Phoenix like most cities has a growing group of people who are growing and promoting urban gardening.  People are becoming more interested in earth friendly building and sustainable living.  This seems to be a new way of life not a fad and will become more important.

More restaurants are featuring localvore menus.  Not only is the food healthier it tastes better.  Last weekend a dedicated group of gardeners held their annual Edible Gardening Tour.  There were nine gardens in Central Phoenix that were open.  All of these homes were built in the 1950’s to 1960 on flood irrigation lots.  The homes are not large by today’s standards; consequently the lots feel large (they aren’t).  Because of the irrigation there are huge trees providing inviting shaded gardens and sitting areas.  This is a another side of desert gardening.

Here are few highlights – Enjoy:


Shady backyard dining with fruit trees in the foreground.


Chicken & duck coop; notice the duck who isn’t in the coop.  They come & go at will.


Raised bed with onion, tomatoes and artichokes.


A few gardens had goats.  Don’t you love her blue eyes?

Edible Garden Tour 024

Another chicken coop surrounded by herbs and fruit trees.


More raised beds of vegetables & flowers.


The official “greeter”.


Raised masonry beds.  This was the largest garden on the tour; over an acre.


Checkout the strawberries.


The last garden on the tour and one of the most productive.