Explore Arizona Wineries

Arizona. The Grand Canyon State. Home to deserts and mountains, rivers and lakes, lush pine forests and breathtaking sunsets. It’s an ideal place to escape cold winter winds, to swim, relax, golf, shop, spa and explore.

Yes, you can find something to do in Arizona. And one of the state’s best kept secrets is that it’s home to hundreds of wineries. Large and small, these gems are producing some of the finest wine the country has to offer. And nearly all of them are open to the public. So why not plan a trip to Arizona’s wineries? Here’s a list of five to start with. They’re located throughout the state so you’ll truly be exploring. And they are all nearby other wineries, so you’ll have plenty of options. Enjoy!

Alcantara Vineyards
Located in Northern Arizona, this family owned vineyard is quickly making a name for itself by making wines that are every bit as good as those produced in California. The 87-acre estate offers stunning views of the Verde River, which flows through the property, and a comfortable tasting room in a newly built farmhouse. Bottles run from $27 to $69 and the most popular sell out fast.

Studio Vino 

If you’re adventurous, this Central Arizona winery is the place for you. At Studio Vino, you won’t just taste wine, you’ll also taste your wine. In addition to offering a wine bar where you can taste six whites and nine reds, this Tempe hotspot offers you the chance to create your own wine. The process takes about 90 days and includes a tasting/wine-making event, a labeling event and a bottling party.

Sonoita Vineyards
This Elgin-based winery has a storied history, and it is often listed among the best day trips in the state for people looking for something to do in Arizona. It was started by a university professor as a research project. And for more than 30 years, Sonoita Vineyards has been selling nearly 10,000 gallons of its wine made from 10 different grape varieties from its tasting room. Stop by and you may find that the views are nearly as good as the wine.

Carlson Creek Winery
This family owned winery is a relative newcomer to Arizona’s wine scene, but it’s quickly making a name for itself by producing some of the finest fine wine the state has to offer. In addition to supporting a winery that’s just getting started, one of the nice things about visiting the Carlson Creek tasting room in Wilcox is that there are several other, more established winery tasting rooms just down the block. If you’re looking for something to do in Arizona, a day trip to Wilcox should be on your to-do list.

Fort Bowie Vineyard
Why should you visit Fort Bowie Vineyard? Two words: Wine truffles. This Bowie-Arizona winery offers more than a tasting experience. It offers a chance to indulge your tastebuds in some of the finest and freshest nuts, berries and unique flavors of wine Arizona has to offer. The owners are constantly inventing new flavors and ways to use wine. Chocolate wine sauce, anyone? Make sure to try the world-famous Arizona Sweet Water. It’s a refreshing white that’s perfect for a hot summer evening.

Yes, you can find something to do in Arizona. In fact, you can probably spend years just visiting all the great Arizona winery tasting rooms. This list should at least get you started. Happy exploring!