First Steps; the Right Lot

Once you decide that you want to build that custom home you have been dreaming about you will need to find the right lot.  Choosing a lot that has the qualities necessary to satisfy your vision and budget is an essential first step.  The lot can have the most impact on your budget and what you are able to build.  It is vitally important that you critically assess the characteristics of each lot that you are considering and how it will affect construction of your home.

Every lot is unique with its own special views that you want to capture and views you don’t want to see.  The size & shape of the lot probably will determine the floor plan of your home. Lots with dramatic topography may have increased steps requiring additional site work and the need for retaining walls.  Are there boulder outcroppings?  Will there be privacy issues for you or your neighbors?  These may impact your budget and construction schedule however they also may provide dramatic design opportunities.

Removing the Guess Work

At Casas del Oso Luxury Homes we have over 30 years of design and construction experience.  We can remove the guesswork for you and make the process of designing and building your home rewarding and fun.  We will walk the lot with you and explore the possibilities.  We will check with the city if necessary and review the neighborhood design review requirements with you, location of utilities, and any other relevant challenges or opportunities.  We can locate where your floor will be so you can assess the views.  We can give you advice on the probable costs & pitfalls so that you can make a confidant decision to move forward.

It begins with you and your dream; it’s our job to help you refine it and then deliver it on time and on budget.  Over the years we have established proven systems & processes for doing just that.  Choosing the right lot is the first step.  When you are thinking about that next place you want to live – call us.  We can help you decide what matters for that home and guarantee that you will enjoy the process and even better love the end result – your new home.

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Two very different lots one is an easy build with little vegetation and the other has interesting topography, lots of vegetation and design opportunities & challenges.