Homeowners Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Earth Day is April 22nd and is an excellent reminder of the limited resources that this beautiful planet has to offer. Owners of luxury homes everywhere have a unique opportunity to defray their impact on the planet with a few easy strategies.

1. Buy Organic and Local

Fuel consumption is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases, in addition to the fact that shipping food across the globe is quite a wasteful practice. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers can contribute to soil and water contamination, plus add questionable substances to your food supply. The neighborhoods near luxury homes are offering increasing access to farmers’ markets and natural food stores. Purchasing organic and sustainable foods that are responsibly farmed and harvested is a very significant step in global conservation. Try to buy only fruits and vegetables that are in season, since they are more likely to be grown nearby. Buying local also has the added advantage of supporting your own community business people and creating jobs in your city.

2. Avoid Bottled Water

Though the bottles that water is sold in today have been streamlined and more than likely come from recycled products, it is still an extremely wasteful product that contributes to pollution. To add insult to injury, much of the bottled water that is sold comes from a municipal source, which is the same as your tap water. Builders of luxury homes and plumbing specialists can install a reverse osmosis or advanced filtration system in your home that will provide delicious water that is often cleaner than what you’d find in many bottled products at a fraction of the cost and with nearly zero environmental impact. Purchase a refillable water container for yourself, preferably one made of metal or glass that can be sterilized between uses. Be aware of plastic refillable bottles and if you select one of them, be sure it is labeled as BPA free.

3. Donate to Environmental Causes

Owners of luxury homes are typically more capable of philanthropy and Earth Day is a great time to exercise this generosity. Contribute your donations to non-profits that focus on environmental education, conservation, or cleanup. For more affluent donors, you can establish a grant or trust to encourage invention or implementation of new technologies that reduce waste and energy consumption on a large scale.

4. Recycle Old Electronics

Everyone wants the latest and greatest in technology, but this human trait causes landfills to burst at the seams. Upgrading your technology should come with the caveat of responsibly parting with your old technology. Donate it to a school, community organization, or a friend who will enjoy it for the rest of its useful life. For items that are no longer in working order, a trade school would love to use them for training, or responsibly dispose of them through electronics recycling companies.

Owners of luxury homes have a truly great chance to improve the environment by changing minor parts of their lifestyle. By considering the impact your purchasing decisions have on the environment, you can make decisions that are beneficial to both your community and your planet.