Kitchen Vent Hoods

Restaurant type ranges are still very popular almost every kitchen that we at Casas del Oso Luxury Homes design and build has one.  These ranges are professional ranges and require venting that is superior to the vents we used a few years ago.  We also use these same hoods over some or our BBQ’s in our outdoor kitchens.  A hood also presents a unique design opportunity because the vent it conceals is usually massive.

Why bother with a hood?  The primary purpose is to reduce cooking smells, heat and condensation by extracting them to the outside.  Another important feature is to trap grease and prevent if from being deposited all over your kitchen.  The hoods that we do are either wall mounted or ceiling mounted.  Downdraft ventilation is said to me much improved; however we avoid them.  There are many technical considerations that determine the size and venting capacity of the actual venting system.  First decide on which particular range or Cooktop you want and let that drive the decision on the vent.  The size of the range & BTU’s will determine the size of the hood as well as the position of the hood over the range.  We like to see the hoods slightly larger than the range or Cooktop.

Traditional Mexican Kitchen Plaster Hood covered in Mexican Tile

Whisper Rock Estates,Scottsdale

Brushed Copper with stainless steel band and bronze rivets.  Project Brownstone Renovation,New York

Aged steel hood in a traditional kitchen.  Project Rosedale Kitchen,Bethesda

Custom Copper vent hood Project Callie’s Kitchen, BellaireTexas

Brushed Steel and cable Project Anigre Kitchen,Riverside Conn.