Local Artisan – Carol Alleman

Music, art, and culture are only a few of the delightful aspects of living in Scottsdale. A regional, if not national, destination for local artistry, this city has much to offer to satisfy your need for aesthetic enjoyment. Artist Carol Alleman is one of the fine artists whose work you will find in local galleries.

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Alleman obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Penn State and followed up with a graduate degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary. Also completing classes at Scottsdale Artist School, Carol has developed some incredible techniques using clay, bronze, water and oil colors over the last decade. Described as a “Gardener of the Soul,” she creates works that illustrate the spiritual connection between nature and art in beautiful organic pieces. Her additional talent of written word accompanies her physical works, connecting the two in an unimaginably thought provoking and stimulating way.

One of Alleman’s most popular series is a line of open cut vessels in bronze, called the Tree of Life collection. These vessels incorporate intricate and detailed patterns of trees with companion writings speaking of harmony, faith, and miracles. This compilation of pieces evolved from sculptures in clay to the use of a wax casting method of bronze, finished in various patinas. The beauty and elaborate detail of leaves, branches, and sturdy root system form a womb-like container that is both strong and delicate, metallic and organic, light and dark.

Another of Alleman’s breath-taking collections is Garden of Promises. These vessels depict a variety of blossoms growing from their bulb foundations toward the warmth of the sun. The richness of the warm ruby, blue, gold, snowy white, and violet of the flowers is a stunning contrast against the cool bronze material used in these pieces. The inspiration Alleman draws from seeds nurtured and supported by their environment is very much demonstrated in these amazing pieces.

These magnificent series as well as many other  pieces by Alleman also aid her commitment to nature conservation efforts. Sale of many of her works contributes directly to the efforts of non-profit conservation organizations to help preserve and fortify the wondrous gifts given by the planet.

Living in Scottsdale puts residents in close proximity to the work of Alleman and more of the area’s most talented artists. Be sure to visit your local galleries and ask about these fine collections and other magnificent pieces.