Outdoor Kitchens


Hacienda Outdoor Kitchen with dining space & fireplace.

Outdoor Kitchens are a trend that is here to stay.  In the southwest especially Scottsdale they are a “must” in luxury homes.  We can enjoy and entertain outdoors easily 9 months out of the year and with some planning and foresight that can be extended.  We easily incorporate them into our new homes, however if your remodeling they are not that difficult to add if you have the space.

In the planning stage we recommend considering how you cook inside and how you envision the usage of your outdoor kitchen.  Will you entertain and if so for how many?

Good kitchen design principles should be followed.  The outdoor kitchens that Casas del Oso builds at the minimum have a built-in gas BBQ grill and beverage center.  Most of our kitchens are underoof and consequently require professional type vented hoods.  Typically dining areas are located nearby as are outdoor fireplaces and of course the swimming pool & spa.

BBQ grills come in sizes from 36” to 60” with a variety of features with natural gas or propane.  Most people like the rotisseries &


Bar style “cantina” outdoor kitchen; note the rusted tin can lights hanging over the bar

infrared elements.  Many opt for additional burners for cooking.  It’s important to keep in mind the outdoor elements when selecting appliances.  For this reason most of our clients elect to install beverage centers rather than refrigerators.  Over the years we have found that refrigerators do not do well in the Arizona summers; even those that are designed for outdoor use  There is the added problem of small critters making there homes behind them.  Beverage centers are generally made from stainless steel, are plumbed for drains, very well insulated with a large area for ice.  They provide the option of placing cans & bottles in the ice and they come with removable condiment servers.  We also install pizza ovens, woks, we even did a professional chicken fryer for a client.

Surfaces should be durable and non porous.  We use a lot of granite & concrete (must be sealed).  Lighting is often overlooked.  Casas del Oso usually provides two types of lighting.  The first is intended to illuminate the entire area for set up & clean up, we often use a dimmer switch on these to control the actual amount of light.  The second type is mood lighting and is soft & dramatic.

The architectural style of the home plays into the design of these kitchens.  This is an area that you can have fun with & create a fun & relaxing space to relax & have fun with your friends & family.