Scottsdale International Film Festival

One of the best aspects of living in Scottsdale is to be surrounded by beauty and culture, without also being surrounded by the insanity of larger urban areas. The 12th Annual Scottsdale International Film Festival is a prime example of the wonderful cultural events to be found in the area and has aided Scottsdale in becoming a destination for these works over the last decade.

Scottsdale New HomesThis year’s affair runs from October 5-9 at the Harkins Shea 14 in Scottsdale and promises to have something in store for every type of cinephile. The schedule for the Scottsdale International Film Festival packs 38 movies over 69 showings during the course of the five-day event, not to mention various special guests and planned Q&A sessions.  Featuring a veritable treasure trove of film genres from which to choose, some focuses of this event will be four French-language films, a brilliant selection of Oscar-worthy foreign pieces, a spotlight on Jewish-themed motion pictures, and a concentration on works from Latin America, just to name a few. Whether your taste is for drama, comedy, documentary or period pieces, this film festival is sure to please.

The Scottsdale International Film Festival provides those visiting or living in Scottsdale with an exciting opportunity to see cutting edge new films and experience spectacular producers and directors before they are available to the rest of the world. Attendees will see some familiar faces on the screen as well as some new talent to enjoy for years to come in this fantastic exploration of artistic expression via film.

Multiple ticket options are available, especially for those purchasing in advance. Options for single events, packages, and discounted deals are available, as well as VIP level passes that allow you access to an even more insightful and enriching experience.  You may also opt for a Scottsdale Film Forum membership which will provide you with a tax-deductible way to participate more fully in the film festival experience annually, as well as screening new pieces throughout the year. Additional ways to support the efforts of these artistically exceptional people are through donation to next year’s event, or via an online auction beginning October 3rd, including such items as vintage film posters, luxurious travel experiences, and apparel.

Sampling some of the most gifted performers and directors to be found will surely make you appreciate the cultural offerings available in our own beautiful city. Living in Scottsdale may not place you in close geographical proximity to Hollywood, but you can experience the same old world glamour and artistic sophistication without going too far from home.