Spanish Mission Style

One of our favorite architectural styles here at Casas del Oso Luxury Homes is Spanish Mission. There are some good examples of it in the older areas of Phoenix. It is acceptable to most of the Design Review Committees in the neighborhoods we build in (North Scottsdale). In fact those committees would be down right excited to see a Spanish Mission home come in for design review. These days they are rare.

The Spanish Mission style of architecture in homes really started in the 1890’s in California and was spread across the United States by several fashionable architects. The Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads adopted Mission style for their stations and resorts through out the west. The California coast is literally covered with examples of Spanish Missions even Arizona has a few great ones. All of these old missions provide ample opportunity to “borrow” ideas from them.

Within Spanish Mission style there are two principle sub types: Symmetrical about half of the homes have a balanced rectangular or simple square shape with hipped roofs and Asymmetrical the other half have facades of widely varying form. Typically the asymmetrical façade is superimposed onto a simple square or rectangular plan.

The most recognizable design detail in these homes is the sculpted parapet end cap details usually accompanied by a hip roof. That’s the detail most people recognize as “Mission”. Most of these homes also have an arcaded colonnade attaching the major masses often used to enclose a courtyard. Exterior walls are stucco; chimneys are generally of simple design and two piece clay tile on hip roofs with clay tile gable end vents. Homes that were built in the heyday often had Mission-like bell towers.

Scottsdale New Homes

The Burrage Home inRedlandsCaliforniacompleted in 1901 based on a California Mission.  Easy to believe; it actually is a mission.  I calculated the square footage at 17,136 sq.ft.  After it was sold in 1924 it was occupied by an order on nuns until 1940 and is said to haunted.

Custom Homes

Note the sculptured parapet end caps, colonades and two bell towers.  This home was built originally for a cost of $94,000.00 and used for entertaining two months out of the year.

Spanish Mission Style

A modern interpretation of Spanish Mission designed & built by award winning Jenkins Custom Homes of Austin, Texas;

Phoenix Custom Homes

The completed home getting ready for the October Parade of Homes.  This home is a more intimate 3,600 sq.ft.

Scottsdale Home Builders

Looking thru the sculptured bell tower entry into the courtyard.