Staying Active Indoors near Scottsdale

Summer in Arizona can be scorching, and outdoor fun and exercise is very limited during the day. For those living in Scottsdale, many options are available for great indoor activities to get you moving and also have a great time. Following are a few ideas for making this year one of your most fit.

Personal Trainer

For fitness oriented individuals with little extra time, a personal trainer is a great option for getting your cardio and strength training time completed conveniently. A certified personal trainer can visit your home and lead you through moves tailored to your needs. Ask friends for recommendations, otherwise be sure to ask potential trainers for references and valid liability insurance.


When investigating yoga studios, you’ll find many methodologies and styles. Tag along with a friend or read reviews to get a feeling for the philosophy of the studio to see if it is a good match for you. Yoga is great for people who have joint issues, since it is low/no impact and improves your balance. For those living in Scottsdale, you’ll find many wonderful studios close to home.

Pilates Studio

Another fabulous low or no impact exercise, Pilates uses controlled motion and stretching to help you build core strength, flatten your tummy, and build a long, lean physique. Most, if not all of the workout is done on a mat or on the floor, or on specialized Pilates equipment.


Professional athletes, emergency workers, and normal civilians all love the benefits of CrossFit. Intense conditioning and stamina-building moves, stacking of techniques, and varying workouts build muscle and amazing strength. CrossFit is a challenge, but for those who can stick with it, the results are incredible.

Ballet Barre

The beautiful moves of a ballet dancer are envied far and wide, but their techniques are available to non-dancers as well. You will use a wooden support affixed to a wall to provide balance while you perform some of the core moves of the dance. Your limbs will be long and lean, and you’ll feel graceful and lovely.


One of the newest fitness crazes, Zumba is easily accessible to those living in Scottsdale. Zumba combines the fun of dance with the health benefits of cardio in upbeat aerobic workout so fun you won’t even realize you’re burning calories.

Living in Scottsdale makes it easy to find wonderful ways to stay fit and cool during the dog days of summer. Ask your friends and neighbors for more ideas like these for your best season yet.