Summer’s Here – 10 Outrageous Pools

Summer finally arrived two weeks ago.  It’s hot; it will get hotter and we are stuck with it until September.  That must be the reason that we have never built a home without a swimming pool.

Here are 10 fantasy pools to cool you off.  Enjoy!

1. Infinity pool at the Jade Resort, St. Lucia.  Can’t you feel your stress level dropping?


2.  Infinity pool at The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.  55 stories in the air and the size of 3 Olympic pools.  Actually there is a catch basin you can’t see.


3.  Swimming pool over Main Street at the Soule in Dallas, Texas.


4.  World’s largest pool at Alfonso del Mar in Chile.  It has 66 million gallons of salt water and covers 20 acres.


5.  Alila Villas pool in Bali.


6.  Another infinity pool in Bali; can you say Ohm?


7.  The pool at HeartCastle in California.  How the super rich relaxed in the past.


8.  How the super rich will relax in the future; rendering of a 37 story apartment complex to be built in Mumbai.


9.  The guitar pool.  Not as outrageous as some of these but still fun.


10.  The perfect pool for a ManCave; it’s filled with beer.  The Starkenberg Brewery in Austria filled a pool with barrels of its own Pilsner.