Talavera Tile Design Ideas

In Mediterranean and Mexican architecture Talavera tile is a standard.  This tile comes in and amazing array of colors and patterns that all seem to work together.  Most of the homes that Casas del Oso builds have it somewhere or everywhere.

It is available from several companies in the United States, Italy and of course Mexico.  Exuberant and relentlessly optimistic: we love it.

Some ideas from our homes:


Lot 66 Pool: This pool has a raised bond beam with Talavera tile on the outside and a different Talavera tile on the inside.  The top of the bond beam is Saltillo Tile.  This has been a very popular pool.  We have replicated it in different colors and patterns several times.


Lot 134 Chimney

The chimney in the foreground has Talavera tile on the arch insets and more spectacularly we used broken Talavera pieces on the top of the dome.  The brick is San Miguel Adobe.



The possibilities are endless when you design with Talavera.  The cobalt blue and white pieces go together in many ways to create different designs.  This is a spectacular fountain in California.  The fountain bowl appears to be Cantera stone.


Lot 112 Kitchen

A more subdued Talavera tile in a kitchen has a very luxurious feel with its black and cream colors.  Note the arched opening with a more colorful inset of Talavera Tile.  Sorry this is a construction photo.


Lot 134 Master bath

This master bathroom uses many colors and patterns of Talavera.  The tub backsplash has the traditional cobalt blue solid color mixed with a pattern.  The tub front has Talavera deco tiles set in Cantera stone and those deco tiles are repeated on the Saltillo floor.  The shower repeats some of the times from the tub and introduces more colors and patterns.  What a way to start your day.


4051 Stair treads

A very traditional use of Talavera tiles on the stair risers.  The tops are Saltillo.  Each riser is a different pattern with the exception of the first and last riser repeating the same pattern.


265 Courtyard 2

Traditional blue and white Talavera Tile surrounding the gate into this courtyard.  Looking through the gate you can see Talavera risers on the steps to the front door and Talavera wainscoting next to the front door (door is not visible).


134 Master Fireplace

A small master bedroom fireplace with Talavera tile surrounds.  The hearth is Saltillo and the mantle is San Miguel adobe.


265 House Name

Plaque with the name of the house is traditional solid blue Talavera with a custom painted inset with the name of the house.  You can buy these already done or create your own.  All of our homes have names and a plaque.


Talavera Dinnerware.

Appropriate for any table Talavera dinnerware is available in gorgeous colors and patterns.  The trick is to make sure it does not contain lead.