The Benefits of Design Build

In our custom home industry there are two ways to build a home; the traditional bid and build and design/build.  Among design/build companies there are two ways as well; in-house design and outsourced design.  With in-house design the designer or architect is actually on staff.  With outsourced design the architect or designer works for another firm or for himself.  Most design/build companies in Scottsdale outsource design.  We have used all of these processes for building our homes. For the last 20 years we only use in-house design and founding partner, Barry Smith has been responsible for it.  This method allows us to control the entire process; creative control, cost controls, and the delivery schedule.  We can assure our clients a better experience.

Practically speaking having the designer on staff means that he has instant access to Project and Construction Managers with real time access to resources and cost feedback.  Our budgets aren’t theoretical – they are real.  It allows our client to make informed creative decisions in real time. Every thing proceeds at a faster pace.

Clients work directly with Barry who sketches their thoughts while they are speaking.  They don’t have to worry about someone trying to translate their wishes to another party.  If it isn’t how they imagined it or it conflicts with something else – it can be changed immediately.  Within a short amount of time we can tell them what the cost impact of that is giving them the ability to decide whether or not they want to move ahead with it.

Because we understand that we are actually going to build this structure we take great care in the accuracy and completeness of the construction documents.  Our standard plans include many items that outside designers consider options and charge more for.

We provide a single source responsibility to our clients; meaning the house is not designed by committee.  It is the result of the synergy of our client & designer meetings.


From conceptual architectural model


To completion; the dream is delivered on time, on budget and without surprises.