The Best Brands of Luxury Appliances

Over the years Casas del Oso has built some astonishing kitchens; with kitchen packages that cost more than my first house.  We are asked all the time which brands we recommend; here are a few.  All of the high end brands we use are state of the art plus they are durable.  We rarely need customer service on these; however when we have called for service they are extremely responsive.


For 60 years Sub-Zero has offered technologically advanced beautiful refrigerators to meet every home need.  They developed the built-in refrigerator in the 1950’s and later introduced undercounter refrigerators & a design flexible series.  One of the reasons they have such a loyal following is that they have two compressors which allow the freezer & refrigerator to operate independently.  They have also developed innovative solutions for every space.

The only Sub-Zero we install without a cabinet front.  It is very cool.

Sub-Zero drawers which can be installed anywhere.


For more than 40 years Wolf was associated with professional cooking equipment for hotels & restaurants. Wolf was acquired by Sub-Zero in 2000 and adapted for the serious in home cook.  There is an attractive discount when you purchase Wolf & Sub-Zero.  Wolf  ranges have a distinctive look and our client want the red knobs.

Luxury Home Builders

Wolf professional range for home use with the famous red knobs.


ASKO started in 1950 when an enterprising Swedish farmer built his mother a high efficiency washing machine.  Today they manufacture high performance washers, dishwashers and dryers.  They are our “go to” dishwasher.  We like the controls in the top of the door; which are invisible when the door is closed.  Casas del Oso kitchens are usually rustic so the dishwashers have a cabinet front on them – with no controls.

Scottsdale Home Builders

ASKO dishwasher with controls in top of door.


Founded in 1899 Miele is a family owned manufacturer of high performance based inGermany.  In 1900 they produced butter churns today we love their dishwashers, steam ovens, and built in coffee makers.  They even made cars for two years in 1912.  The built in coffer maker puts every other coffee maker on the market to shame; it makes exquisite coffee.

Luxury Appliances

Miele built in coffee maker.  You could go to Starbucks for every day 10 years and still be ahead on the price of this BUT the coffee it makes is unbelievable.


Gaggenau manufactures high performance restaurant grade cooking technology for today’s luxury kitchen.  They also make specialty appliances such as steamers, deep fryers and Asian influenced Teppenyaki grills.  All of their appliances are sleek & state of the art.  There steam ovens are superb.

Arizona Luxury Appliances

Gaggenau steam oven & microwave.


For nearly a century AGA has made a line of professional cooking ranges.  They are very vintage in appearance with latest technology and they come in bold colors!  Popular in the UK; they are larger than the ranges we are used to. We love the look of them!

Appliances Scottsdale

This is a spectacular range.