Tips on Arizona Aquatic Gardens

When thinking of desert climate, it may not be the most obvious idea to incorporate aquatic gardens in landscapes for luxury homes in Arizona. These lush gardens can provide a lovely contrast to the typical desert designs that usually feature cactus and rock.

What is an Aquatic Garden?

As indicated by its name, an aquatic garden is one hosted in a water-based environment, rather than soil. You may also choose for your garden to host fish as well as plants. Water gardens can be as simple or as elaborate as you imagine, and can be transformed dramatically just by changing lighting, design elements, or plant varieties.


When considering placement of your aquatic garden, a few factors should be considered such as visibility, drainage, utilities, sunlight, and neighboring plants. You will not want your garden to drain across a walkway or patio, nor disturb the roots of nearby trees. Too much sunlight may promote algae growth, while inadequate sunlight may not allow plants to flourish. Locating near electricity and water sources is an obvious requirement.

Size Matters

How large should your aquatic garden be? Just as no two luxury homes in Arizona are identical, there is no set standard size water garden. The garden should be planned with room to grow but not so large as to overtake your property. The larger the pond, the more aggressive the need for additional filtration, pumps and equipment. Consider the equipment investment when planning your garden size.

Water Conservation, Control, and Filtration

By their very nature, aquatic gardens help with water conservation. Rather than daily watering of soil-bedded plants, the only water an aquatic garden requires after setup is enough to combat evaporation. A directly connected water source that refills as needed should be considered a must, and during the building of luxury homes in Arizona is the best time to establish this. Filtration can be accomplished by biological, mechanical, chemical, or ultraviolet means. Consult a specialist in aquatic gardens for filtration recommendations.

Types of plants

The variety of plants you can use in an aquatic garden is vast, but excellent choices are good oxygenators, floating plants, and gorgeous bloomers like water lilies. The size of your garden can restrict the plants able to flourish there so be sure to consider this when choosing vegetation.

Mosquito reduction

Mosquitoes love standing water, which can be a major problem around luxury homes in Arizona. You can combat the growth of the mosquito population by getting garden water circulating. Windmills, fountains, and waterfalls can minimize these pests, while also providing valuable water aeration. Other tactics for mosquito control are to use a larvicide designed for safe use in aquatic gardens.

Custom Homes Scottsdale The Question of Fish

Something to consider when planning your aquatic garden is if you would like to have fish. Be sure to think about the additional needs your garden will have hosting fish before taking on responsibilities such as extra filtration, aeration, heavier pump systems, and feeding. Typical fish to use can include goldfish, Koi, Gambusia (also excellent for mosquito management), and other types native to Arizona.


After your aquatic garden has been established, a few maintenance tips will help keep it in balance. You should avoid draining complete since that can destroy valuable algae and ecological elements. Clearing the garden of dead leaves and trash, testing water quality, cleaning filters, and checking for leaks will help keep your aquatic garden beautiful.

Though aquatic gardens are not a traditional desert gardening method, they provide gorgeous texture and variety, make quite a beautiful statement and should certainly be considered when planning luxury homes in Arizona.