Top 5 Restaurants in the Scottsdale, AZ Area

Scottsdale is a prime place to be for excellent dining. No matter what your favorite food fare is, the city offers myriad culinary environments for residents of every stripe. Even so, there is definitely an upper echelon of restaurants that qualify as something truly special for the Scottsdale community. Take a look at the following culinary hubs which are experience in and of themselves.

Binkley’s is an exciting place to for patrons seeking an engaging dining experience. Led by chef Kevin Binkley, he cultivates a menu that is American cuisine yet utterly his own. Ordering is flexible; one may get any dish individually or as an item in a four or five course meal. Entrees like the charred halibut or duck are freshly complimented with vegetables and vinaigrette that bring out the richest flavors. The presentation and aesthetics of their foods is top-notch, confidently matching how great everything tastes. Try Binkley’s for a fine evening out.

Another totally viable option is Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House. You will find this restaurant boasts a classy, elegant atmosphere without requiring the same level of dress code that Binkley’s does. It is primarily a steakhouse and seafood joint; elk and buffalo are just two of the more exquisite possibilities for a steak. This place is not satisfied with only providing fulfilling food and drink though – Arizona history and culture is a vital pulse that runs through the restaurant. Cartwright strives to procure an environment in-house that honors the foods of the past while making them as current and delicious as possible.

Olive & Ivy is an affordable restaurant that people living in Scottsdale must give a try. Its penchant for fusing traditional American cuisine and Mediterranean fare is wonderful. In fact, only very recently as their menu been revamped with a number of new additions, so this is a great time to join them in their next step of evolution. Both a restaurant and marketplace, those looking for a quick bite or beverage can savor the high quality pastries or latte. The restaurant itself is beautifully adorned and boasts an opening dining area for you and the family, or a private room for you and your business partners. Whatever the occasion, take care to see Olive & Ivy in person.

For those living in Scottsdale, The Mission deserves not to be missed. This dining establishment revolves around Latin American cuisine, although the menu is actually a thrilling fusion of Latin American, Spanish, and French influences. The gorgeous custom wood decor invites you in to a den of hospitality and succulent food. A full tequila bar is presented for any interested in a top of the line cocktail inspired by modern Latin themes. From pork belly to green chili duck, the selection is deliberate and unique, satisfying every palette that enters the restaurant.

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El Chorro; Arizona Destination Dining

At last, there is El Chorro Lodge to round out five of the best restaurants for individuals living in the Scottsdale area. This place pulls you in with its intimate and romantic atmosphere – the lighting and music are great supplements to the meal. Customers especially rave about El Chorro’s sticky buns, which are apparently out of this world. The restaurant offers a full dinner menu and an excellent brunch setting; on top of this, they have an extensive list of gluten-free options. Overall, the Southwestern cuisine succeeds.

What’s to lose? Check out one – or all of these premier establishments!