We love regional architecture; being a member of the National Association of Homebuilders we get to see the best.  Last week we attended a meeting of our Builder 20 Club hosted by Eric Rose of E.M. Rose Builders Inc. ( in New Haven Connecticut.

This magnificent vineyard & estate built by E.M. Rose Inc. and completed less than a year ago was one of the homes we toured.  Hard to believe; it looks like it has been there for a century.

Here are a few photos of this home:


Google Earth photo of the jobsite under construction some months back.  Main house is center right.  Pool & pool side Ramada is lower left.  Garages, sport courts & gym are upper left.  Notice there are virtually no trees near the house.


Front exterior; can you believe it’s less than a year old.  Notice the trees-there aren’t any in the construction photos.  A helicopter was used to verify that the chimney pots were installed properly (they were).


Formal garden with green house imported form England.  Future vineyard is ready for planting in background.


Informal kitchen dining.  French doors open onto the meadow on the rear of the home.  The timbers are antique.  Checkout the arch top pocket French doors.


The kitchen is my favorite room, warm and inviting.  Cabinets were built by E.M. Rose as were all of the doors on this house.  This is one of two stoves in the kitchen.


The second stove in the kitchen; this one is wood burning.

This is the perfect weekend retreat that it was intended to be for an active family.