What’s Happening at Casas del Oso Luxury Homes?

We are three weeks into Santa Inez, a rustic Sonoran home.  Fortunately this lot did not have any native trees that required native plant salvage; this saved our homeowner 3 weeks on the schedule and several thousand dollars.  Like most of the homes that we build we start from the back and build our way out.  That means that after we clear the lot and build the building pad we tackle the landscape and pool before we start building the house.  In most cases we won’t have easy access to the back yard even though the lot is large.  At this point we can get as much heavy equipment in as we like.  First the fence footing are poured (the masons will be back in a couple of weeks to complete the fence.  Next we dig the pool and take it up through gunite where it will stay until almost the end of the construction schedule.  We also plant any large trees or saguaros.  That brings us up to today.


The first day on this jobsite; removing small desert vegetation called grubbing the lot.


A few days later; the building pad which is the portion of the lot the house and pool will be built on are completed.  This pad is compacted to 97% or higher; this home will never move or have cracked walls.


Planting a very large Saguaro cactus adjacent to the pool.  Note how big this cactus is in relation to the men who are planting it.  This is one of several Saguaros’ that will be planted on this site – the rest will come later.


The pool is dug; the crew is working on the steel.  The masons are on site laying the block fence.