What’s Happening This Month at Casas Del Oso?

We just started framing on Santa Inez in North Scottsdale.  With out a doubt framing is my favorite time on every house.  It’s the point that a project goes from a plan on paper to a building that you can stand it.  For clients it goes from conceptual to real and visible progress is made every day.  They can stand in their master bedroom and see the views from the windows; the reason that they bought this particular lot.


This is the slab with the framing layout.  You can see faintly the yellow writing which are the room names and the redlines are the walls & cabinets.  This is our Framing Walk with the client.  They see every wall, window, door, beam and cabinet before we start.  A good time to tweak it if necessary.


4 days later; lots of progress and much left to do.

Casa de la Piedra is 3 lots down the street from Santa Inez.  We are in the 2nd week of construction.  Like most of our homes we build the pools before we build the house.  This pool is spectacularly situated between two enormous boulders.  Most of last week was spent digging the pool – very challenging.  We will take the pool through gunnite where it will remain until the house and landscaping is completed; then will plaster it.  We will post more pictures later in the schedule.


We are using a ramhoe to chisel away at the rock.  The pool surface will come tight up to the large boulder.  Actually there is another boulder that isn’t visible and the pool sits between them.


The finished shape of the pool.  You can see both sets of boulders. The guys are installing the rebar.