What’s Happening This Month?

Hacienda del Sol is another home designed by Casas del Oso Luxury Homes under construction in Mirabel slated for completion in January 2013.  This month we are working on “finishes” and beginning the landscaping.  Mirabel like most of the neighborhoods in North Scottsdale has a requirement that the projects be fenced and that the fence is screened which obstructs the view.  The fence must remain until the exterior of the home is completed.  Last week we reached that point and began planting trees and best of all the fence came down.  For us at Casas del Oso Luxury Homes it is like opening a present; the fence comes down and finally you can see really the home.  It looks entirely different.

Here are some highlights of the past few weeks.

Custom Homes Scottsdale

South side of house with fence.

Scottsdale Custom Homes

South side of house after fence removal.  This is “Old Adobe” stucco.  It is

deliberately mottled and never has to be painted.  The paver crew is installing

pavers around the pool & patio inside the block fence.

Design Element Scottsdale

This is the first load of 48” & 60” box trees.  The crane will take them off the

truck & set them in the predug holes for planting.

Luxury Homes North Scottsdale

Same trees at the end of the day – planted.

Custom Home Remodeling

Freshly planted Saguaro in front of courtyard.  The bracing will remain for several

months.  Tile crew is working on the talavera tile around the courtyard gate


Custom Home Builder

Mirabel requires a sample board with the exterior finishes; stucco, paint & stain

color, window sample, roof tile and any architectural finishes.  This remains up

through out construction.

Scottsdale Home Builders

Traditional Mexican decorative groin brick ceiling.  The windows are covered

with a protective material hence the darkness of the room.

North Scottsdale Home Remodeling

Saltillo floors are installed but not sealed.  Work is continuing on the tile

backsplash and on the hood details.  Appliances are coming in 2 weeks.