Wine Tasting in Scottsdale

Phoenix Homebuilders One of the perks of living in Scottsdale is the luxurious activity of wine tasting.  The location and weather make it perfect for growing the best wine grapes.  There are so many options when it comes to tasting the best wines and purchasing bottles for your wine collection.  From retail wine stores to five star restaurants, you are sure to find something that delights your palate living in Scottsdale.

Phoenix Wine of Scottsdale has been in the business of selling wine for over 30 years.  Focusing on the individual vineyards and less on the wineries, they serve both local and imported wines.  They have a wide variety of wines for you to choose for any budget.  You can find a large list of Pinots and Cabernets for your liking.

The Su Vino winery has an extensive wine collection that would be great to serve at any event.  They even offer custom label wines so you can really show off your company.  If you would like to give the great taste of wine for a gift, Su Vino sells gift baskets with wonderful tasting wines that any recipient would be happy to have.

Even though you are living in Scottsdale, you get to feel like you are a world traveler as you sip on international wines at the Kazimierz World Wine Bar.  With more than 2000 wines to choose from, you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment as you sip on your wine.  This is one of the coolest places to hang out while living in Scottsdale.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is like no other steak house.  They take elegance to the max.  Instead of offering guests a regular steak and glass of wine, they make the experience something unforgettable.  The pairings of the food and wines are something the experts work hard to create so that you can have the most enjoyable meal.

If you are looking for something a little more laid back, the Cafe Forte is a great place to visit.  This restaurant is anything but a simple cafe.  They serve healthy comfort food paired with delicious wine.  Great setting for a nice lunch date or for a group gathering.

The Armitage Bistro is a great place to discover your tastes in wine.  Every Wednesday they offer wine tasting.  They also serve special wines at Happy Hour 6 nights a week.

With all these events in Scottsdale, you can become a connoisseur in wine.