Yoga Studios around North Scottsdale

One of the healthiest forms of exercise today is yoga, and it is becoming increasingly popular with clients of luxury homes builders. Yoga’s minimal impact on joints and ability to help you build strength and flexibility make it a wonderful activity for any age group. North Scottsdale has access to some of the most amazing yoga studios around, and we’ve selected a few for you to try.

floo-id YOGA
7077 E Mayo Blvd

Hatha yoga is the core methodology of floo-id YOGA, and their incredible system works for participants of all age ranges and ability levels. For those with pre-existing orthopedic injuries or issues caused by sports, you will find great relief and healing of sore joints, bones, and muscles here. You’ll learn to relax your body and create strength you never thought you could with the help of their skilled instructors. Offering a variety of yoga classes designed with specific purposes in mind, floo-id YOGA will have the right series for any client of luxury homes builders.

One Love Yoga
20831 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste 111

Rated by as one of their 2013 Best of Our Valley winners, One Love Yoga is the studio you’ve been looking for. Staff members are certified in yoga, pilates, and Zumba so that you can get the best level of expertise and care in your customized training program. One Love Yoga also offers access to nutritional supplements and advice for an excellent combination of diet and fitness regimens that will help you meet your goals quickly.

Yoga on the Rocks
16447 N 91st St, Ste 105

As clients of luxury homes builders can attest, your daily routine can be stressful. Wipe out tension by attending yoga at Yoga on the Rocks. Classes are specifically  designed for your skill level and goals. Whether you seek meditation, relaxation, gentle yoga, strength training, or have a friend needing pre-natal fitness, Yoga on the Rocks has the perfect series for you. As a bonus, it is located at the same facility as an indoor rock gym repeatedly rated as a valley favorite, AZ on the Rocks. Combining rock climbing with yoga will give you stunning results!

Karve Studio
18261 N Pima Rd, Ste E115

You’ll get long, lean limbs and a trim, solid core at Karve. Using a specialized method incorporating ballet techniques, yoga, orthopedic stretches, pilates and more, Karve can help you do just that–carve an amazing physique! The trainers show you how to use very specific techniques and small range of motion to condition your body and lengthen and strengthen all muscle groups. This studio receives rave reviews on their service and attention to clients, and spends the time to ensure your form is correct and effective. Karve Studio was selected by as one of the 2013 Best of Our Valley winners!

Studio North Yoga
6501 E Greenway Pkwy, Ste 151

Offering Zumba and Tabata fitness programs as well as a wonderful array of yoga concentrations, Studio North Yoga is a positively uplifting place to accomplish your fitness objectives. With a specially designed floor that helps absorb impact, activities here are kind to your joints while still affording you an amazing workout. No matter your size or shape, the instructors at Studio North Yoga will ensure that your experience is challenging and effective without causing you pain.

North Scottsdale has so much to offer to clients of luxury homes builders, including these outstanding yoga studios. Adding yoga to your routine will help you relax and become a strong, centered person. Try one of these fantastic studios today!